Watching And Reaping

  Yesterday I was walking casually through an amazing indoor shopping area, one of my favorites in NYC. The stores in this particular place are not the run of the mill for the average pocket. The places are upscale and mixed in with them are some very exclusive restaurants as well. As I wandered around aimlessly before an appointment that I had, something interesting happened and it made me feel very good.
   I was traveling up on the escalator and I reached into my pocket to pull out my phone. After glancing at it and sending a short one word text, I had reached the top of the ride. Seconds afterward, I heard this little yelp or mild scream if you will, I turned around instantly. It was a young woman who was behind me on the same escalator who had found a ten dollar bill on the last step just floating there. She was with 3 of her friends and they were a bit startled too it seemed. I saw the whole thing and I realized that I had dropped the bill. I did not say anything though, because her excitement was just awesome! Then as I walked away silently, she tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I had dropped the bill. I told her that I thought it could have been me, however, I had my hands out of my pocket so it probably was not.

    This moment was so incredible because I felt this energy inside that wanted her to have the joy of that moment, so I just watched the moment and reaped the benefits of bringing her this incognito joy. I got myself out of the way so to speak. I knew that the bill was mine as I rolled back the tape in my mind, however, it was much more interesting to leave it this way. I told her that I guess it was her lucky day and that she should go and get something nice with it. Her and her friends looked a little puzzled though, almost as if they saw me drop it or something.

     This kind of joy is so powerful! I gave a bit of joy and unexpected bliss to a stranger and although you might say that it came at a cost, it actually paid itself forward. That was a magic moment. So cool!!!!



Anonymous said…
This "dropping money for a stranger to find" exercise is from the Judith Orloff Positive Energy CD. I'm glad you liked it and tried out the exercise.

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