So Busy

   How many things can we do in one day? Out of those things that we can do, how many of them do we really want to do? Lastly, how many of those things do we do without thinking about the time? How many times have you heard someone say that they are so busy, yet they are completely unhappy and way under nourished in their soul?

   Let's break it down to brass tacks here. There are 24 hours in a day. Let's say that after subtracting an average of 6 hours for sleep for the average person, we have 18 hours left.  Then we take away the average 8 hours of work per day, which leaves us at 10 hours. Also, don't forget that you are probably only truly "working" about half of that time depending on where you work. Anyhow, with ten solid hours on any given day, do you think that you can get the things that you are most passionate about done? Can you call everyone that matters to you and just say hello or how are you? You would not call all of them every day, but you get my gist.

   Have you ever known a person that is connected to their phone for the entire day? You are with them and they are constantly darting their eyes down to check for texts or emails and so forth? However, when you call them, it almost always goes to voice mail or just rings forever? That is called a hint, enough said about that.

   So are we busy or are we serial multitask animals? Do we not feel important if we are not engaged in things that take all of our attention off of what really matters in the end? Your friends, family, passions, and physical health are the big ones. I specifically left out your profession, because many people will read this and say that they have no control of that, however, that is not true either. So how many of these things are taking up your time? If you knew that a certain person that you cared for deeply, needed you for an hour a day to remain alive for the next 10 years, would you find the time? Yes, you would. If someone told you that you could pick up $1000.00 every day for the next 6 months in cash free and clear at a certain location 45 minutes from your house if you were on time every day, would you be there? That was a trick question, money is not that important to some people. Lastly, if someone chose you to be involved in a study on living passionately, could you show them that your time is used in a way that always leaves time for what is important to you?

    Is time leveraging you or are you leveraging your time? Can you say that you are exactly where you want to be doing exactly what you want to be doing right now as you read this? Thank you in advance actually, you chose to read this posting and that was not a must at all. Let me also add that I am not an expert at this as of yet either, however, I always make time for the things and the people that matter the most. It's what bonds me with my closest friends and soul mates.

    In the time that it took you to read this post, someone did not pick up their phone when it rang to speak briefly with a friend that needed to hear their voice. Someone chose to watch tv instead of meet their friend for lunch who really needed to talk to them about an important matter. Someone somewhere was just subject to hearing that their friend was just too busy. Are you too busy or just not engaged in what really matters, therefore afraid to show up and be accountable? Think about it. The magic is in the details once again....



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