The Now, Right Now, This Moment


  People all around us are giving us signals. These signals and messages are happening now. So why is it that we get them mixed up then? In part, the reason is that we are living in the now, but feeling from the past. You are today who you are because of the culmination of your life's experiences. If you have always felt that you were never enough, then you probably still feel that way today. If you have never, ever had enough money in your life, then you probably feel that way right now as well. There is a little twist to these truths thought, your words.

   Have you ever woken up and said that it was going to be a less than incredible day? Without knowing you at all, I can guess that it probably turned out that way. Those who claim that they will never find a partner, usually do not, and then they revel in the fact that they were right by repeating it over and over again. The point that I am making is that your words in the now will create the future. Although it's not just words, its a large portion of the game. Usually what we speak of not wanting the most comes even more full force into our lives. Blocking life is a futile game. Allowing and sifting through what warms our hearts and souls is ten times more manageable in the end.

    If what is happening for you in this present moment either personally, romantically, professionally, or otherwise is pleasurable and making you smile from the inside out, allow it and be grateful each and every day for it. The now is full of so much richness and possibility that is mind boggling. What you could have done or could have had or wish was the same is already behind you. If you were to reunite with a past love for example, the best you could hope for would be the current version of who they are now. This inevitably will not be the person that they were before and you would not be the same either. Will they accept that?

    Our bodies only respond to our signals. Even as you are reading this posting, your mind is taking in these words and just waiting to see if you will question it or accept it going forward. It has no opinion at all. That is entirely up to you. Many times as I scribe these posts I am healing myself as well, so please do not take any of these words as though I am speaking at you. I am merely sending my innermost lessons into the hearts of those that I feel can possibly benefit from them.

    The now, the right now, this moment, its truly all that we have. When we work harder at blocking it, the universe acquiesces in kind. In other words, it sends us some more confusion because we have subconsciously asked for it. Our signals do not need to be spoken, they can be felt and therefore pushed into the universal flow. When someone tells you who they are or a situation sends you a clear sign, listen and act accordingly no matter what. When I say accordingly, I mean the way that makes you feel authentic, calm, and most of all drenched in the now.

     Now you can make a difference. Now you can decide not to be a victim. Now you can decide that you want to be loved. Now you can decide not to suffer. Now you can decide that you have not been playing full out. Now you can make a plan that serves you and others around you. Now you can decide to be here, right now, in this moment. Are you ready?



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