More Faces In Books

  I am completely amazed with the speed that "Facebook" has shot around the world and back and just taken the globe in its hands. It is a place that literally is visited by millions each and every day not matter what happens outside of it. I can think of many things that "need" to be done every day for almost every human being, however, "Facebook" and the amount of time spent on it daily by the average person is really daunting being as it is not considered a necessity to live. I need to say right here at this very moment that I use "Facebook" daily as well. I do not abuse it or let it take hours of my time away, but I am there to share a quote or to read the musings and so forth of my many friends.

   I am also a huge fan of books. They are the ultimate foundation in my opinion. We live in a time where nothing is a secret anymore. All knowledge, all instruction, and all that was once seemingly unattainable is now available to everyone by just looking for it. I probably have read 15 to 20 books this year alone. I say that not to boast, but to say that it has given me such an amazing protective unit against the side of life that is constantly trying to sway us all. Even "Facebook" has a book! I plan to read it as well.

    I think about why this site is such a colossal vehicle, and it is abundantly clear, humans need contact with other humans. To know that there is someone out there who is looking at the pictures that you post or the words that you write is vital to the soul. Now you might ask why don't people get enough of that from our basic day to day interactions? In my opinion, the answer is, that basic interaction requires us to show up and be engaged with our eyes and our truths that we carry on our faces. When we are on the mother of all social networking sites, we do not need that at all. You can say anything, post just about anything, and most importantly, show up or leave when you want to.

    Did you know that it also tracks the places that you search while you are there due to its connections with search engines? Therefore, when you see those sidebar ads and find yourself clicking on them, its all part of the plan. So what do we gain from being on this incredible cornucopia of interpersonal bliss? If we are fortunate, we make connections that can continue in real time face to face. If we are authentic, we can actually be of service to a person across the other side of the world by directing them to something that they need or want. However, if we are there just amassing faces and electronic goodies that we can not actually feel, than we are losing the real gifts that we all possess.

    I am a huge fan of books as I have already made clear. The way that they feel, the smell, the bent pages that keep my place or remind me of a great word or passage, the ability to spark the curiosity of a stranger who just happens to read the title. Books are eternal in their own special way and they have the ability to keep you focused on the subject or the pictures in your hands. Reading a book is like getting a massage from the inside out of your brain. The book will not judge me, ask we where I have been for two days, or refuse to open up when I reach to pick it up. It will also move around from hand to hand with no problem with who gives it attention.

    In closing, I have no serious negative vibe or intention for any of you to stop using the book of face at all. As I said, I use it as well. I ask you only to consider getting a library card or visiting your local book store and just reading one book before the year closes. It can be on any topic or style that you like. Just allow it to take you to a place that you don't mind being in as your authentic self. Make it be a page turner that whisks you off to a place that makes you smile. How will you know which book can do that for you? Well, you will just have to go out and look for it now won't you? Happy page turning!!!!  Get magic with it!!!!

    By the way, if anyone is interested in receiving a book that I am passionate about, just send me an email at . Tell me about yourself!! You can be from anywhere in the world, it does not matter. I will send it off to you right away. Just tell me what style you like to read. Fiction, Non Fiction, Spiritual, Biography, or any thing like that. This will be my way of giving back as well as cleansing my space to invite the newness!!!!



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