When You Like It, Tell Them So

  They say that babies cry for it and grown men die for it. What is it that I speak of? Recognition. We have interaction with hundreds of people a day no matter where we are in the world. If you walk outside of your house, you will have some sort of human interaction each and every day. So when this happens, the opportunity to connect or to be verbal about the things that affect us becomes a field of open opportunities.

   A few days ago I was just picking up a juice and a salad at a place that I love here in the city. As I was speaking to the woman who was ringing up my food I was so taken by how happy and polite and full of energy she was!! I have been to at least 5 other locations of this particular eatery and it seems that they were all just like this. So I took it upon myself to go online right there in the store with my cell phone and look for the customer service email. Mind you it was about 9:45 or so at night and they were about to close. I write this only because it is fairly common to receive under par service as a restaurant or bar is closing, in my experience.

   I was successful in finding the site and writing a sparkling review of the experience that I had with this woman and I was content with that in every way. I told her that she was doing such a great job and that I appreciated her vibe and her smiles and all and I left the establishment. After about two days, I received an email in my box that truly blew me away! Here is a copy of it:

Dear Chase,

Thank you very much for taking the time to contact us to tell us about Mari. It means a lot to us when our customers take the time to express how much they appreciate our Team Members.  All our Team Members work incredibly hard and as much as we do to motivate them nothing quite compares to hearing back directly from customers.   I have shared your praise with the Manager at our 23rd & 5th location, so he can read it in front of the entire team, especially Mari. I have also shared your comments with everyone in the head office.

Comments like yours will help Mari to get closer to some rewards we offer to our Team Members for great performance.
Thank you again for taking the time to write to us with your praise.  You truly made our day!

   I highlighted the bottom half of the letter because I truly believe that this is what its all about. Recognition for a job well done is so super important, yet many times we get caught up in the opposite side of things. How many times have you sent in a letter of praise either through email or by hand? The results would shock you because it real and it's human. I did not expect that response, nor did I need it, however, it brightened my day and obviously sent a wave of bliss through an entire team!!!!Now that is magic and it only took about 4 minutes to generate.
    So when you see something that you like or get great service or just feel like someone has made a difference for you, let them know. It takes seconds, but the impression that you make lasts far longer than you could ever imagine.

     The new day is a blank canvas. What colors will you use to paint it today?

                                                          Stay curious and passionate,        Chase


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