Saying Something When You See Something. Is It Worth it?

  A few days ago I was in a well known phone provider's shop. I was there because I needed to charge my battery on my phone and it was very comfortable place to relax and read a little bit in the process. The store was not full at all, maybe 4 customers were walking around this retail location. I looked around the store as I always do when I am out and just took stock of what was happening around me. What I saw in the next few minutes troubled me.

   There was a man about 15 feet to my right picking up cell phones and just testing them out. He did this with at least five phones that were at waist level and then as he bent down he would place a cell phone case that was under the actual phones into his plastic bag. These were merchandised under the phones on a different level completely. He did this for about 2 minutes and then he moved slowly down the row.

    At this point, I felt as though I should say something to the manager, it just felt like the right thing to do. I walked casually over to the counter and let him know and he was just as casual as I was in his response. He basically asked me if I was talking about the man across the room and I said yes of course. In short, he was not bothered at all and told me that this happens all of the time. Then as the man walked towards the door, he asked him if he could speak with him, after which the man replied, "Speak to me about what?" The manager said, "About what's in your bag." He then told the manager not to disrespect him and kept walking out of the store.

    I watched this entire thing and it gave me pause to say the very least. The manager in the store explained to me that the cases were probably worth about 5 dollars each to the company. He also said that once they pass the doors it is a done deal if there is no officer or security guard there. The truth of the matter is that if he was armed or got out of hand after being accosted, it would have produced an uncomfortable outcome for sure.

    So the question is, should you say something when you see something? If your best friend is being cheated on by his or her partner, should you let them know? If you work at a store and one of the employees is taking home merchandise every day, should you tell the management? What if your close relative is ingesting negativity and diminishing their self worth? Does that make it acceptable for you to say anything?

    The examples in the last paragraph will all be handled differently by different people at different times. It is my personal opinion that we all need another set of eyes to make us aware of what is sometimes right in front of us. In that moment in the store, I was looking out for both parties in a sense. The store because they were losing merchandise and the man because he was losing future karmic points. It wasn't until later on that I realized that I just acted without really thinking about the possible aftermath.

     If given the chance again, I may react the same way. We cannot prepare for every situation, we can only act in the present moment. Too much preparation can sometimes stunt the growth that comes from the organic gifts that appear in the moment. When you see something, do you guard yourself from harm by dismissing it or do you act from the heart and let the cards fall where they may?

     Create a powerful day....                      Chase


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