Nobody Does That Anymore

   As we go through life, there is this consciousness that grows out of the blue. It says that what is most commonly done is what is accepted by the masses and it probably right. We can all think of things that are common in modern day society, like cell phone use, interracial marriage, reality television, fast food consumption, and so on. The issue is what about what people actually go through in their thought processes?

    It's incredible to me that a human being would want or desire to do a particular thing and then yield based on what the popular consciousness says or advocates is different. Can a woman pursue a man if she sees fit? Can a young man or woman of 10 years younger than the status quo apply for a top level executive position? Can an adult master a skill such as piano when they are over 60 or 70? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!

     At least once or twice a month I hear somebody some where say that "nobody does that anymore" or "no one is interested in that anymore." So the question is, how does one person know the exact opinion of everyone? The answer is very simple, they do not. It does however seemingly let them off the hook from traveling in the opposite direction of the general population and that becomes a comfort zone. I was speaking with someone who is very dear to me last week and as I explained a particular business venture to her, she replied clearly and with much conviction that no black people who be interested in it. I was taken aback, yet I recognized that her view of black people and their struggle was different than mine. I had to let that one go.

     In closing the phrase, "Nobody does that anymore," is not a valid statement. People will and have always done exactly what they have wanted to. There is a ton of evidence that proves without a doubt that human beings are powerful, resourceful, unlimited, and most of all discerning beyond belief!!! So the next time you hear someone say something that you don't agree with as it relates to action or achieving something or even just some that is traditional yet trivial, just know that you can do it, you can make it happen, you can do it if you want to and it feels right. That's my story and I am sticking to it..... The magic has been released..



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