Laser Focused Gratefulness

   My first call today was from one of my favorite energies as a person. He called to catch up with me and that we did. I will meet with him this week and have a pow wow that will sure to be uplifting and inspiring as it always is. We expect to share and to have a great time and it happens exactly that way every time.
  The call ended and I got an email saying that the boiler in the basement was out and that  there was no heat or hot water. As I braced myself for the cold washing of my body, I thought to myself that there are people who at this very second are taking their "normal" everyday cold shower and not even thinking about it at all. They have become so accustomed to it that it is not even a thought. That led me into my complete and unyielding state of gratefulness. I have an amazingly beautiful apartment that overlooks a picturesque park, tons of books, cameras, clothing, curios from around the world, food, water, electricity, and most of all great health. 

   So take a look at what you have right in front of you before leaving your home today. If you did not leave the house, what can you say that you are immensely grateful for in your life? Material things do not a person make, so do not limit it to things that are tangible either. I named the things that I was most passionate and grateful for right off the top of my head. However, if I changed the perspective to people or life mental accomplishments, the list would have been a little bit different now don't you agree?

   I spoke to a man a few days ago and he asked me to help him because he had taken a situation as far as he could possibly take it. I looked him straight in the eye and said, "No, actually you haven't." He was speechless and I told him to call me and I would help him in a big way. So are you as grateful as you could possibly be? Have you really fully taken self inventory and asked yourself am I as grateful as I could be? What am I complaining about today or even yesterday that I should just be grateful for in the end?

    Smile a little more today at others, breathe a little easier for a few extra minutes today when you have a moment to yourself. Let someone in your close circle know that they are important to you in whatever way that they are. Lastly, just be grateful to be here, right now, in your body, with your own personal unlimited possibilities that are just waiting for you to call upon them. Let the magic begin....



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