Its Just Not The Same Without You

    I have written quite a few posts on the affect that we have on each other in the past few months. It seems as though I am clearer than I have ever been about this concept. Truth be told, I believe that I am concentrating on the things outside of myself so much more, that it causes me to do even more for people on a daily basis.

    The title of this posting is something that is a gem of a sentence in many ways. When we notice the people that can make a particular situation sparkle its one thing. However, when we take that person out of the situation, what do we do for ourselves? Put another way, if the ace man or woman is not around, can you keep the ball moving? A mentor of mine once thanked me for being at a specific meeting and then told me that it would not have been the same without me. I could have chosen to have an ego driven response to that comment or to have seen it for what the bare bones information provided. Had I not been there, if the total in attendance was 110, I would have made it 111. Had I not been there, a comment that I had made would not have been heard and possibly helped another gain some much need clarity. I think that you get the point. Every person makes the difference in their own way and collectively each hue of the painting changes the overall end result of a masterpiece.

    Recently while speaking to one of my closest female friends, I saw another side of this concept and it really made me think. She and I would both agree that she works in a very toxic environment and I do not mean like a nuclear plant or anything. The mental atmosphere is very low and it breads some of the most toxic characters. Where she works is not important, what is important though, is that she gets something from this atmosphere each and every time that she walks through the door. Can you guess what it is? She gets love, admiration, and even validation from the patrons. They trust her and the experience that they get there is largely based on what she sends out to them.

    So when we spoke of her leaving this place to pursue other avenues, she told me with some trepidation that one of the reasons that she stays there is because of how they make her feel. A few weeks ago, she had to leave town for about 2 weeks to take care of some family business. When she returned and during some of the time that she was gone, a few people sent her texts and calls saying that it just was not the same without her. This made her feel so wonderful that she brought it up to me and I really felt it coming through her. Recognition of any stripe can change a person in a very profound way.

    In closing, I just challenge you to look around you and see who is doing things at a different level than others and take stock so that you can possibly be the fulcrum for someone else. Just be careful not to let just the recognition be the only reason that you do it. We can all be recognized for doing good in a great situation, but what happens when and if you are recognized by those who may be bringing you down? By that I mean, if you are an eagle that is being praised by chickens, are you really growing? Your definition of a eagle may be different than mine, so that is where the line is drawn. Its magic when you are a crucial cog in the wheel and you are authentic and proud of it. I think you hear me knockin!!!!!

                                                                       Bang the day out!!!!!



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