I Call You For My Highlights

  Do you ever think about what your life does for other people? In other words, when you show up and speak or write, work, or just make a phone call. There are so many people in my life that are doing completely different things for a living and also those who are living way outside of the box. The question is, what is it about certain people that makes you call them over and over again? Do you call them to enjoy their fabulous lives over the phone and wish that you had their life?

  I had a conversation with a man that I have know for many years that lasted about 20 minutes or so. During the call, he asked me to update him on different facets of my life that went from personal to business to family. Truth be told, our conversations usually stay in the personal/relationships area. As I related my current goings on he was thoroughly amused and entertained. So I did what any other red blooded human being would do immediately afterward, I asked him about his life. His answer stopped me in my tracks. In short, he told me that being married and having kids and changing diapers and going to work and coming home is nothing that I want to hear about. He made it abundantly clear that he was not amused with his life. He then released that magic sentence, ""I call you for my highlights.""

    I am certain that my life is unconventional in so many ways, however, I chose it and it requires bulldog perseverance to keep it afloat. I am no better than the next guy or girl, however, I am committed to my destination and what I will do to reach it. So you can imagine that when I heard him say what he said, I was a little bit concerned. Has he given up on his happiness and his ability to roll around in the sandbox a little bit in his life? How could I be the person providing the high points or the highlights? I took small and deliberate steps through the rest of the conversation being very careful not to judge or offend him in any way. I allowed him to tell me what was on his mind and then I excused myself from the call.

     We all have many things that are wonderful in our lives, the problem is that we disguise them and then later on we don't recognize them. It's like hiding a key in a special place so that it remains safe and then not being able to find it when you need to open the door or lock. I enjoy my conversations with this gentleman each and every time. He is living his life the way that he chooses and so am I. Somehow I feel that if I told him that it was good that he was living his life the way that he chooses, he would just say that it is what it is.

     Each day we are given a new opportunity to create a highlight for ourselves which many times will become a highlight for others. Living out loud, open, loving, without too many expectations, and authentic will always produce magic in our lives. I see it each and every day mostly because that is what I look for. What are you looking for today? Are you looking at everyone else and their highlights or are you creating your own independent film that will be seen by millions in the days to come? Onward family.......



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