Holding Hands

A simple action with immense power. People hold hands for different reasons at different times and it has become a strong curiosity for me over the years.

When someone holds your hand it signifies a connection, a bond, a state of oneness if you will. The nice thing is that if someone does hold your hand in a special way, you will never forget it.

I was caught up in a moment this morning thinking about how a certain person held my hand. This was a feeling that I had never had prior to this time. The hold was firm and full of meaning. It was as if there was an entire conversation happening between our fingers. It left an impression on my soul that will never be erased.

It has been proven that when two people hold hands that it calms the part of the brain that deals with stress and anxiety. This means that we all have our own private analgesic "on hand" literally 24 hours a day.

Select partner, insert hand, open mind. Simple instructions to create some magic times.

We all leave our mark on other people's souls. We just don't know when it will resurface and how it will affect us when it does. Simple actions can and usually do become life long memories inside of those around us. Be well.


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