Courtesy Between Unknown People

   The magic arrived from an unexpected place today. I was listening to a friend of mine explain a random situation and it made me think of how we treat people or extend courtesy to those that we do not even know. I will explain what I mean because it is totally worth writing about. Let's say that you are in a rental vacation condo in Miami Beach. You are there with your spouse and your children and you are there for 2 weeks. You are on the beach and eating at cool restaurants and the whole nine yards. At the end of the glorious vacation, it is time to leave. Do you make sure all of the linens are placed on the bed so that they can be properly disposed of? Have you ever just made sure that the towels were in a pile or maybe even just wiped down the excess hair from the sink?

   This may all sound extremely foreign to you, however, if any of these things were done, it would make the person who was hired to clean the room have an easier time getting their job done. My friend told me that she found an ad online that offered to leave boxes for moving or what have you to anyone that would come and get them for free. Boxes are everywhere here in NYC, however, people pay for them every day, at top dollar mind you. Then when she spoke to her she also offered to meet her near her house on the way to her job if that would make it easier for her. In the end, she wound up driving over to the ladies house and picking up the boxes. When she arrived, she noticed little notes on the boxes like "hats", "kitchenware", "heavy(sorry)", and other interesting statements. This woman obviously cares for others, even those that she does not know. 

    As I go through life, I find myself doing things along these lines and I feel that it is a result of watching my parents do the same things for years. Things like making the bed in a hotel room. I have even cleaned other peoples tubs before I showered in them, just to leave it cleaner for the next person. I learned these lessons early on without realizing it. So what can you do for someone else before they arrive that makes their life easier or puts them a little more at ease? This woman reminded me of how great it feels to be on the receiving end of this type of treatment. In the end, my friend told me that she felt that this woman was somehow supposed to be in her life based on how she treated her. Her energy was an energy that she wanted to know more about. This whole interaction was magic to me, even though these two people have never actually met. Humans can really affect one another silently and without contact. 

    Light and forward motion,                                            Chase


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