The title of this posting was crafted as such for a specific reason. Last night I had the pleasure of performing in the home of a billionaire and this morning I was helping a friend move that had been evicted. To see both ends of the spectrum was just an experience that I could not help but write about immediately. There are so many ways to live this crazy life that we live, yet we choose to use the same 24 hours every day quite differently. I was very attentive to how I was feeling in these two very different situations. I also felt that I had been shown both of them so close together for a specific reason. 

       Let's start with the home of the billionaire. I had no prior knowledge that I was going here, except my good friend telling me that it was a nice house. All I knew was that I had a gig. When I arrived, I could not believe my eyes. The dimensions of the house were astronomical and they demanded your attention at first glance. There were service people everywhere preparing ice sculptures, floral arrangements, musical instruments, and so many other things. The party for 150 people or so was set to start in about 2 hours. I was there to sing with 7 other musicians and I was truly excited. We had a private place next to the large pool to get ready and there were refreshments waiting for us as well. To top it all off, there was a big named comedian there who would perform after the band. The home was surrounded by a professional, private golf course.

       Now a piece of the eviction story. My friend is a courageous soul. I will leave out name or gender to protect their privacy. My friend has been battling with this situation for quite a while now and it finally came to a head. The financial side of this person's life as it relates to this apartment had caved in. There were no more chances to be had and the door was closed on this situation. I was there a few days ago to help take apart a bed and today I went to help load the last things into two cars. There were remnants of many things that I lifted and moved around and I could tell that this was very difficult for them. When you are forced to pick up and leave, you find out exactly what you have been holding on to and you are pressed up against the wall as it relates to what to keep. 

       These past two days have been magical because I realize that it all boils down to mindset. Both of these individuals have the most of what they manufacture the most in their minds. I know wholeheartedly, that my good friend didn't want to be evicted, however, I am not sure that the subconscious part of their brain had enough strength to champion that cause. I read about the billionaire in an article today and he lives a life that helps others as well as being able to have all that he wants at the same time. This is truly magic in my book. 

        I was forced into thinking about my choices as I found myself in both of these settings. What would do if my worth was in the billions and I was living in a home with a golf course around it, several car garage, and a full staff? What would I do if I got evicted, stripped of my place, and had to start all over from zero? These questions that I posed to myself have had me caught in a tailspin all day long. The main question is, what will I "decide" to have? I could describe this amazing home or this morning feelings as I helped my good friend for ten more pages if I had to. However, my point is that a difference in perspective, action, and focus can move mountains in your life. Both of these people are passionate, loving, and full of life. I know my friend is and I could tell within the first hour of the party that this man was as well. 

        In closing, I will say that we are all so very capable of greatness so unrecognizable from our current state that it is almost blinding to the mind. This is why we don't pursue it most of the time. Our current realities act as tall steel gates that will not let us through no matter what we say or do. As I thought about all of this, I realized that in some ways in some parts of my life, I am still playing small. The field is wide open and I have barely rounded first base in the grand scheme of things. I am glad that I have shared this personal perspective with all of you and I hope that it reached you in some way. Remain curious, open, and unhappy with mediocrity. 

        Here is a great article on the billionaire.




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