The Art Of Not Understanding

    We all do it, we try to understand why certain things are the way that they are. In the process, we don't really get ahead, we just deplete our mental reserves. There are thousands of unanswered questions on topics ranging from science to history to relationships and so on. The one thread that weaves itself through all of these topics is our ability to realize that it doesn't all have to make sense.

     Men and women have been trying to understand each other for years now and they still are basically in the same place. If there is one thing that I have learned over the past 5 years more than any other thing, it's that there are way too many variables for everything to just fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Many situations that I have been involved with personally and through business have shown me that people have different perspectives which produce different outcomes. You cannot be the same person with every person.

     Feeling as though if you understood, then that would make it all better is a false belief. Yesterday I had a brief emotional moment about something that I do not understand and I allowed it into my mental space. I can tell you without a doubt, it was not healthy. So at that moment I chose to own my moment of non understanding without judging the person or the situation. I had to breath and move forward. It was very difficult to sit with it and be honest with myself in every way.

     I don't truly understand how when I flick the light switch the lights come on? I don't truly understand how a huge piece of steel that we call an airplane can go thousands of miles in a few hours carrying all of those people? I definitely don't understand how people with multiple illnesses don't listen to what the doctors tell them if it could save their lives? However, I still turn on the lights, I still take flights, and I still treat those who are less fortunate than me health wise with as much compassion and love as I possibly can.

    What we don't know can hurt us sometimes if we continue to run after it with no end in site. The daily mysteries that are lodged into the framework of our lives are the glue that keep it all together. It is our differences that keep us together, for without them, we would not be able to reach higher grounds or develop more clarity. Each of us knows what we want, what hurts us, what makes us happy, and what we cannot stand no matter what. So why do we continue to feed that which does not feed us in return?

    Let not understanding something be your fuel for creating a new space for your forward motion. We are all here making a difference to someone and we do not need to understand it every time. You will use some band aids along the way, so stock up now. Show up, be who you are, and let the cards fall where they may. No one understands it all, no one. Have a magical day......



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