Another Angel Enters Heaven



    The past week has been a very humbling one for me in many ways. My best friend in the entire world lost his mother and I was right there by his side at the hospital as we both watched her take her last breaths, so to speak. I can say with much conviction, that I am in awe of how fragile life truly is each and every minute. I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose your mother because mine is alive and well thankfully. However, as they say in many circles, no one will make it out of here alive. We will all have our time and what we do up until that moment is our choice no matter what anyone may say. I actually wanted to blog about this on Monday evening after it happened, however, I felt that I need some time to let it marinate. 

     As you all already know, this blog is about magic and the magic that is found in every day. Today was the actual funeral for my friend's mother in Philadelphia. All I can say is that the entire day was magical and I was completely moved and inspired just being there. I have written many times prior to this about how we are all connected and how the little things matter, well today was the ultimate example of this. Many people came from far and near to pay tribute and respect to this magnificent woman who touched far too many people to count on a dozen hands. I had the privilege of meeting her on two different occasions and she gave me a healthy dose of her comedic talent wrapped in her personalized wit and charm. I could see immediately where my friend had gotten his timing and incredible delivery. Meeting the source that produced any thing or any one that you hold in high regard can be very moving in its own special way. 

     The stories that were told today about this angel of a woman were just priceless. She was a devout, church going woman and her circle of friends were more than dedicated to her in multiple ways. I listened to each person speak before and after the service about her and I was reminded once again that we are all one big mechanism that propels in all directions. Our separateness always leads to our togetherness. My relationship with my best friend has spawned at least 20 other connections and continues to grow exponentially all of the time. Even if we were to spend time with just each other, some person, some how, some way, would be tantalized by our collective spirits and love of people and be drawn into our circle. The feeling that races through your arteries when you know that you are supported in times like this is simply euphoric in both directions. 

     Towards the end of the afternoon as the body was laid to rest, I smiled from the inside as I felt the collective energy of these people surrounding the casket. We don't have to actually say anything in times like this because the soul currents emanate like an olympic torch from each and every person. She was ushered off to her new home where she was reunited with all who had perished before her. It gives you pause just knowing that this day has arrived for yet another vibrant and giving human being. What will we do with our days ahead? Will we celebrate others or tear them down? Will we see the beauty in the potential of others or will we knock them down because we are unsure of our own potential? Will we tell those that we love exactly how we feel or will we hide it so that we are not disappointed if they do not reciprocate in kind?

     This was a magical day because I was reminded that nothing is as precious as life, friends, and family. I arrived a bit somber, however, I left renewed, refreshed, and full of high vibrational intentions to live even fuller and even more deliberate. Take what you will from this posting, however, please do not close this page without taking something into your life that can better your fellow man or woman going forward. 
      Blessings and forward motion,                         Chase


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