99 Cent Stores/ Thrift Stores

      Have you ever been in a 99 cent store? If you have not, then you are missing out in a big way. The common attitude is that you don't need anything from there and that if you did, you would go elsewhere for sheer pride reasons. However, the truth is that many things we pay for are so overpriced that it would shock us if we really knew the actual value of it from the beginning.

      I had a great conversation with a gorgeous woman who is currently living on the west coast and she was literally smiling through the phone explaining her experience at the 99 cent store. I go to them from time to time to pick up random staples and when I do I fall into the experience like quicksand in the desert. There are a plethora of things that we either need or want for prices that just don't seem legal. Ask yourself, do you really need to spend that 6 dollars on a toiletry that you can get for 99 cents? I will say that quality is quality and some things should be purchased with that in mind. I am sure that you know when you have to buy quality with no exceptions.

      Now I would like to briefly touch on the traditional thrift store. You can find everything from books to clothes to home items and the list goes on. I am a clothing guy to say the very least. I was raised around the best clothes that money can buy and I was taught that you can find some incredible treasures right inside your neighborhood thrift store. Just a couple of days ago my father called me and told me that he purchased two suits by a very high end maker for a total of $120. How is this possible you may ask? It's possible because those with unlimited money get tired of things too!

      Just a few years ago I purchased a camera from a thrift store with a book value of $1300.00 for $60. I was not intending to but a camera that day, however, my gut told me that I should get it. I researched it and found out that I had struck gold!!!The gems are all around us and I challenge you to go to your neighborhood dollar or 99 cent store and just poke around.
      It does not define you in any way to be curious or to poke around a discount store. In fact it may actually teach you a thing or two about your needs and wants.The only person that defines you is you. Also remember that you can always buy fashion, but you can never ever buy style. More on this topic at a later date. I wish you a magical day!!!!!



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