When Nothing Else Matters

   Every now and then we are engaged in an activity that gets us fully inundated and present. This is something that stops time for us and nothing else matters. During this time or these moments, we are so focused and intense within that we cannot be disturbed by outside forces. Think about the last time this happened to you. It's a place that soothes your entire soul and begs you to stay there by harnessing all of your attention.
    I have listed some of the moments from my past that have done this for me. I challenge you to send me 2 moments like this that have happened in your life. You can comment below this posting.

  • My first night on stage on tour with "SWING" The Broadway Musical.
  • The day I stepped foot in Venice, Italy.
  • My first plane ride to Europe.
  • Stepping onstage to sing with Prince.
  • Being asked for my autograph by a 10 year young boy after a show.
  • Hearing the phrase, "I love you", from a past girlfriend for the first time. 
  • Looking into the eyes of my grandmother as she neared her passing.
  • Feeling the tight grip of another hand that truly wants to hold yours.
  • Watching the sunrise in the morning.
  • Meditating in the morning.
  • Listening to a friend that needs an open ear.
  • Receiving a message from your soul.
  • Being told that you have changed someone's perspective for the better.
    As I sit and type this message, nothing else matters. Somewhere right now, someone is connected to the vibrations of my energy and they are feeling it too. Enjoy the day,    



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