The Space Between

There is so much noise in our lives. Everything from moving cars to passing conversations to crying babies. We are accustomed to dealing with this and much more on a daily basis. The question is, when do we choose to create space and just process rather than react or attempt to repair?

I used the examples above as metaphors for some of life's difficulties. When there is a connection with another human being, the space between is almost palpable and words are almost unnecessary.However, conflict between two souls can create a space that is filled with toxic energy that becomes a backpack too heavy to handle.

Have you ever missed the presence of someone in particular and felt them in your space even though they were not physically there? Every person leaves a part of their soul in your space when they depart. So in acuality, the space between can sometimes turn into a little spiritual pow wow.

I personally have been paying attention to the spaces between my thoughts lately. At times it seems like a rollercoaster. I sent energy to someone in my space yesterday. I was in a state of happiness and I sent a piece to them. I have learned from the past that it always reaches them in one way or another.

The space between can be recognized in many facets of our life. I hear it in music, speech, and I can even feel it in love. When there are no words and no contact, the space that enters is full of ripe information. When the mind is allowed to navigate without a set direction, we become the passenger instead of the conductor.

It does not matter if you massage the space between through meditation, extra sleep, a quiet walk alone, or even just a nice warm bath. The point is that it should be practiced regularly. I practiced it last evening as I listened to a certain person speak. I heard his words, however, the space that I gave him produced volumes more information than I had originally planned on.

I have just transitioned from my space into this blog posting. As I opened my eyes today, I was not alone in my space. The energy from another soul was with me. It was powerful and it caused me to write this. I suggest that you connect with your space today. Take a moment or so and just "be". See where your soul is and what is most prominent where the space lies. Just close your eyes and allow it to escape without the barriers. If you are brave enough, comment about it here afterwards.

There is magic in the space.


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Dr. J said…
I love the idea! It's like prying open a secret space in the universe that is always accessible to us BUT rarely in use. I believe, the practice of mentally expanding is not only healthy but humbling! I am making a NOTE TO SELF to incorporate space as well as thought awareness into my daily life. THANKS FOR AWAKENING THE OPENING IN ME, Chase :)

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