So What Is On "Your" Mind?


  This blog has been alive and kicking since 10/28/10. I have truly been blown away by the response that I have gotten from all over the world. The words that I so carefully post here are currently being read in over 12 countries as we speak! I thank you all for your kind attention and your consistency. It means the world to me to be able to add to your life in any way possible.
    So I wanted to reach out to all of my subscribers and non subscribers to get some feedback from you. Firstly, is there something that you would like to know more about or to have written about here on this blog? Secondly, are you all aware that you can get my posts directly in your email without coming to the site simply by just subscribing in the box to the left of this page? Thirdly, I will be starting a podcast very shortly that will be packed with some really stimulating topics that will guide you through some of life's difficulties. I would love for you all to send me some suggestions on what you would like to hear spoken about on the podcasts.

    This site has always been a labor of love for me and I will continue to create content and deliver insights that can be your oasis in the desert. It can be a little tough out here in the world for obvious reasons, but you are not alone for sure. I also want to give a little nudge to you as it relates to a book that I am rereading for the third time. You really want to check this out. It is called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (P.S.) . I cannot explain how this book affects me. I love to expose books of this caliber, so enjoy it!!

    The photo in this posting was taken yesterday as I walked nearby by house. I took it because I get such a kick out of how marketing affects us all. I could not help it but to stop and take notice. It was a little promo tool to let the neighborhood know about a new location opening for the pet store "Unleashed". By the way, I have an amazingly talented friend who created a cd for pets that you play when you leave so that your pets are relaxed at home. Is that cool or what? You can get it at pet stores like "Unleashed", however, here is a link to that Classic Cuts.
     I immediately thought of what it would be like if I had one of those balloons and could just fly away to another state at will or even just elevate into the clouds for a few hours and meditate. I guess they accomplished two things at once. They made my imagination flow and they informed me about their grand opening!! Marketing truly rocks my socks off!!! That was magic to me. I also forgot to add that if you would like me to promote anything here, please send it to my address I will take a look at it and if it resonates with the vibe of this site, I will gladly help you.

     Be well and create a day that soothes your soul the best. It's your choice.... Chase


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