I have written my take on service in the past. Still, no matter where I go, I can always find something that reminds me that we are numb to how service is really delivered or received.

We get good service so rarely, that by in large, we don't expect it anymore. I will give you two recent examples.

A few days ago I went to the post office. The woman greeted me with a smile and the world "darlin". I have to be fair here and admit that I always smile and treat her with respect as well. She then took my mailings and asked if I needed anything else. Her parting greeting was, "I hope the day shines brightly on you." Wow! That just floored me! I returned the verbal gesture and left with a smile on my face.

Last night I decided to go into a restaurant that I had never been in because it was visually stunning. I only wanted a small fruit dessert. I was greeted with a smile and given a menu after I asked for it.

The woman then walked away and did not come back to seat me. So I decided to find my own seat close by at a side table by the bar. Actually, I asked a server if it was ok that I sit there and order a dessert? She said of course, and I sat.

The same woman happened to be my server. I was the only person on those small tables waiting. A short while after, a nice looking couple were sat close to me. They were regulars clearly, everyone was coming over to them. The server appeared again and began talking and catching up with them personally in a big way.

After about 5 minutes or more, she breezed past my table almost reluctantly and asked me if I had decided on a dessert. I answered yes that I had and she zipped away with the order. My order was delivered by another server and I never spoke with her for the duration of my time there which was about 30 minutes total.

The next time I saw her she said, " I will take this whenever you are ready." so I replied, "Are you closing?". She was a bit surprised to say the least. Then she grabbed the check back after asking me if I wanted anything else and then just walked away with a tiny attitude. Are you smelling what I am cooking?

This server them went over to the woman who greeted me when I came in and relayed the story, I watched the whole thing. So I felt that she deserved to know why I said what I said. When she returned, I told her that I was just feeling as though I had missed the actual middle part of the experience. She did not check up with me, ask if I needed a drink, or ask if I wanted anything else?

I felt as though she had enough if me. So I paid the small bill and when she asked if I needed any change, I said no. I just wanted her to receive the feedback, without the attitude. I gave it my all.

Remember that you deserve to be treated well. When you are out at an establishment, you pay to be served. When you are out in life in general, being authentic and real gives you the right to be treated well too. The glitch is that it won't always happen. You have to keep setting the example and not become one of the 90 percentile that has given up on that along time ago.

In closing,The next time you are about to interact with someone from a service perspective or otherwise, ask yourself a simple question,"How would I want to be treated." Opportunities to serve others are everywhere no matter who you are. I feel as though I am serving right now and it makes me smile.

Light, love, and forward motion, Chase

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