A Random Stream Of Mindness

We all do this. A situation arises and we think that we know what to do based on what we did the last time. We are so sure that we have seen this situation before and then we react!!!Unfortunately, every situation is just different enough for us to take our time and process it with care. Each human being, each interview, each bite of food, each new destination, has a way of showing us that we don't know exactly every angle of every situation and how to deal with it when it presents itself.

      If something keeps showing up in your life and you handle it the same way, are you learning or moving in reverse? If you are getting great results, then why should you change anything? However, if you are steadily met with opposition in your heart or mind, then maybe you should change your approach. What is normal? Is it normal to have a great job, a few kids and a great house? Is it normal to make millions and travel the world at will while having minimal responsibilities? I digress, my point is, where we are spiritually is where we are supposed to be. This is the only way that the lessons can be learned.

       I was recently criticized for reading too many books. I was very careful not to lash out at this person, because truly what good would it have done? If I had not taken the journey they had taken up to this point, would it have made any difference what I said? Probably not. Not everyone wants to be challenged, some just want to exist peacefully without incident. So I politely told this person that it worked for me in so many ways and that they should try it. There response was less than favorable and I took exit stage left from the exchange.
You will never be able to convince anyone to take a particular journey. We must all pack our own bag and follow our own map.

       I read a chapter on resistance in a book called Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?, and once again it floored me. If you are anywhere near a bookstore today, please open up to that chapter and read it. I can guarantee that it will sting a little bit here and there, but its worth it. I have read the book twice now and it continues to be relevant each and everyday. Also, for all of you entepreneurs out there, I just read another amazing book called Anything You Want by Derek Sivers. This book was written by the man who started "CDbaby" many years ago. I think that you will really enjoy what he has to say about starting companies, dealing with others, and most of all hearing the calling of your passions...
       I am off to make things happen!!! Are you with me? I will leave you with a great quote....

 "You can"t become who you have never been by doing what you have always done"  -unknown



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