P.R.A.I.S.E. (People Realizing Appreciation Is Simply Eternal)

   Today I came up with this acronym and it made me think. People are very quick to criticize, but not as quick to praise as much. I had an amazing experience last week at a restaurant in San Diego and I wrote a letter to the manager letting her know that her staff was incredible!!!I did not expect anything in return for this letter, but I guarantee that those girls will not forget our exchange and that they will continue to be the way that they were to me with future guests.

   So many situations that have happened in the past are still there in my mental data banks, simply because someone thought enough of me to appreciate my actions and praise me for a job well done. We all love to know that we are here and making even the slightest difference in another human being's journey. I recommend the movie Crash if you have never seen it. So many things in that movie embody the human spirit and how we all have the longing to be appreciated in some fashion no matter how small...

   This past weekend I performed at a private event. When the night had finished I was invited to a little pub close by to have a few drinks. For me that means a juice, but it was nice anyway. I proceeded to order a nice salad and a cranberry juice. The guys had their drinks and so forth and we had some laughs and watched a little bit of mindless television. When all was finished, my good friend told me that he would take care of the juice and the salad, as well as the drinks for the other two gentleman.

    As we were about to all walk in different directions, I thanked him and asked him why he never lets me pay? He told me that he appreciates what I do and is always happy to see me and that it was a pleasure as it always is. That little sentence made a difference, it always does. Praise comes in so may forms that it truly is a wonder why we do not take more opportunities to use it. As the saying goes, "Babies cry for it and grown men die for it." As you go through you day tomorrow, let someone know that what they do makes a difference and that you really appreciate them.

     Praise is magic because it is free and it makes such a lasting impact on everyone. You get to give so much without actually losing anything. Actually, you gain, just in a way that cannot be measured. You just know that you feel good and that is all that matters. Onward



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