Our Own Perspective

  There are truly so many ways to see the same thing. As you look at this picture what strikes you about it? Is it the actual subject or the colors? Is it the beach or the holes that appear on the sand? Maybe you saw the trees in the background first? Maybe you don't even know what this is a picture of at all?
  My point in posting these questions is that it's the same in life. We all see the same situation in different lights at different times according to how we process life in general. We cannot expect others to have the same tools as us or to have lived through what we have up until this point. That being said, we must do our best to have patience in these situations or we will suffer dearly. 
   The magic in all of this though, is that we are always learning about how human emotions work. "There is no failure, only feedback", as the saying goes. Patience and understanding can go a long way in this life. Releasing anger, doubt, fear, and even jealousy, is like placing your bags down after a long journey on foot. You picked them up when you began the journey and you set them down when your were finished holding them. We have the power to decide, we truly do. 
    Your perspective is unique, just be careful not to hold on to it to tight or you may crush it and leave a mark forever. There are always others viewpoints, you only need to look for them..                 Chase


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