Gratitude Is The Invisible Thread

   This video cuts right through it all. I love the way she packages the whole thing. So well done.

  I love to write about gratitude. Not just because of what it stands for, but also because of its hidden power. When we are out in the world there are so many things to be grateful for, yet most of them seem to go unnoticed for the most part. Everything from walking to seeing to being able to read a page in a book should not be taken for granted. These things should all be held in great regard because not everyone has the ability to say that they have access to them.

   From time to time as I walk around the city, I see people who are severely handicapped and I wonder how they make it through each day. In short they are not considered equal by most people and they are placed in a different category. In my opinion, their only defense is to be grateful for what they have and use it all to the best of their ability. I must also say that each time I interact with someone who has a debility of some sort, they are almost always happier than the common individual with all of there facilities. 

   I am thankful for so many people in my life and I am constantly reminded of how just the slightest gesture of gratitude can move mountains within another human being. Just a call or a text or a short letter to say that you love or appreciate someone is just priceless. To this day, I still hear my mother speak of sending thank you cards and sending little gifts to people in her life and it is so moving to me. I feel that I have my mother's soul etched inside of me anyway, so I guess I have her to thank for this posting in the end.

    Create a magical day.....                                                   Chase


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