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This is a different kind of posting today. I want to get myself out of the way so that I can highlight an email that I received moments ago. The email came from one of the most courageous and powerful women that I know. I respect her because she knows about pushing forward and making things happen against the odds.
    Take some time right now and read what she wrote and I am certain that you will be moved and inspired. 


Have you had that experience where you start to let go and you suddenly find yourself being challenged at every corner?

Pointing our guests to the street to find a restroom has hardly been comfortable.  And without the amenity of a public restroom, we were limited in the number of chairs we could offer.  However, we can now unveil our public loo.  So excited... and I've transformed fear to manifest this dream!

These past several weeks have been both challenging and exciting.  A couple weeks ago I became very intent on facing fear that was holding me back from releasing a relationship I've been in for several years with a man who I've felt a deep karmic connection to, but who on the flip-side is unavailable to reciprocate very important things I desire to experience in a playful fulfilling soulful partnership. 

So, as soon as I started looking more closely at how I might move through my fear of letting go of this man to create freedom, joy, happiness, health and space for my heart to expand, I received an email from the young hip motivational speaker, Gabby Berstein and her fantastic gal pal, Christine Arlyo at Dare To Live You offering a transformational course called the 40-day Fear cleanse. 

This was jarring synchronicity, as I had just finished making a journal entry how my relationship to food, my health, and this man have been so intertwined, realizing that the deep root to my imbalance is FEAR.  So rather than hold back from signing up for this course, out of fear I do not have enough money, time, or courage to participate, I ignored the chatter and followed my intuition - this was exactly perfect timing and I am in the flow!   

Have you ever had that experience where you start to let go and you suddenly find yourself being challenged at every corner?

Well, this is exactly what happened for me.  This man I was in the process of letting go lives in another country and suddenly he passes through town and shows up in my life.  And, as soon as I thought I had passed test #1, he shows up again! And, again... I am facing my fear head-on and being challenged in every way possible!

In the big picture, I was holding on.  And in this grasping onto something not fulfilling, I created pain, anxiety, perpetuated fear and turned to food to bury my emotions.  Sometimes we just need to fall hard before picking ourselves back up.   

What's been most exciting in these past couple weeks in facing my Fear head on is that I've created space to feel and experience my emotions.  With this space, I can feel my attachment to food as a vice loosen.  I do not think about food as a means to deal with emotion, but rather as medicine and nourishment for my body.  And, by participating in this Fear cleanse, I've felt supported. 

When we achieve balance and let go, doors open and synchronicity happens throughout everyday.  This is when one of our guests, Tamar Reich's, husband approached me to say that because of his wife's transformational experience eating and dining at Sun In Bloom, he was committed to help us build a public bathroom.  As soon as I moved through my fears of not having enough to build a bathroom for Sun In Bloom, we just moved downstream into a place of feeling abundant and... now the joy of saying to guests, "Yes, the door to our bathroom is right there."

If you need an honest and very special contractor, I highly recommend Akiva Reich.  He is also the founder of The Green Building which is a beautiful and diverse space for you to use however you dream. 

So, let's keep dreaming and support each other in improving our relationship with food, achieving greater health, and reaching our boundless potential by transforming fear into success.  

   I had to share that with all of you and if you are in Brooklyn, NY at any time, please support this awesome restaurant and of course my incredible friend and spiritual companion...Here is the Sun in Bloom site again Click Here

   Create a positive day!!!!!!!!!                                   Chase 


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