10 Little Known Facts About The Female Brain

   Before anyone gets carried away by the title of this blog, let me say this in my defense. I have not in any way, shape, or form, figured out how a woman thinks. I have compiled these facts from different places and they are truly captivating to me. I am certain that our internal differences will never permit us to understand each other fully, however, we can at least step up to the plate and do some research right? I hope you are ready for these and are reading with an open mind!!!
  •     Girls are born already interested in emotional expression.
  •     The part of the brain most responsible for remembering is larger in women.
  •     In order for a woman to have an orgasm during sex, her amygdala must be turned off.
  •     Women are only half as likely to be gay then men.
  •     Until 8 weeks of conception, all brains are female.
  •     A woman uses about 20,000 words a day compared to a man's 7000
  •     The woman is much sharper at reading subtle facial and emotional expressions.
  •     Women can transfer information form the left to the right side of the brain faster than men.
  •     The female brain gets 15% more blood flow to the brain than men.
  •     “For guys, foreplay is everything that happens three minutes before insertion. For women, it is everything that happens 24 hours beforehand.
  I am currently reading a book called The Female Brain and it is full of very interesting information that will humble any male in my opinion. I challenge every male to own a copy of it. Stay the course my good men, it has to get easier somehow.
  I respect all women in so many ways, just for the record. The pillow is calling me.                Chase


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