A Visual Gift!!!!!


As you already know, I seek out the magic in every day without fail. So today as I was walking home through the park, I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful Ann Humphreys. When I tell you that I stopped, I really mean it. I was about 60 feet away from her when what she was doing caught my eye and I had to get closer immediately.
   It's not every day that you see things that make you so curious that you have to get closer and ask questions, however, today was the day!!!I walked right up to her and complimented her as I asked her what it was that she was doing and if it was something that she taught or what?She told me that it was a combination of dance and meditation and that she taught it as well with her partner.
   Listen, you can never say that I don't think about showing my subscribers exactly what I see. I would have just wrote about it, but why do that when I can bring it to you right here!!!?
   Ann was so gracious and so open to talk to me and in return, I just want to promote her and get this movement going. I am sure that some of you would love to know more about this, so here is where you can find out more!! Click Here

   Thank you so much for being there today Ann, you were like a cool breath of fresh air. By the way, those of you who are looking to shave off a few pounds, Ann has absolutely no body fat!!! She is all muscle, so go and check this site out when you can.

    There was surely motion and bliss in the magic today!!!!


Ann Humphreys said…
This is so sweet! Thank you Chase! I love hearing the birdsong...

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