These Three Words


    In the history of time there are certain statements that have been known to really strike a chord with another human being. There is "I want you", I feel you", I like you", and the Grand Puba, "I love you". I can probably write about 100 more of these if given the time, however, the one that can really touch the soul and leave a lasting impression with any person in this world is, "you are appreciated." The magic and soothing power of this phrase never seems to weaken no matter who says it. All humans love to be appreciated and there are many ways that it can be shown. The incredible gift of this phrase often comes unannounced and even more often from those that have in the past been gifted with it as well.

     I received an email from a young woman who will remain anonymous. She and I have been involved in musical endeavors for the past 4 years or so. I have always found her to be quite strong and capable, however, she also had this wall that let you know where her limits were. In short, we clashed a few times and that was most frequently due to our personal egos and beliefs for the most part. We had ceased talking after our last encounter and both of us seemed to accept it willingly. Truth be told, I did not have closure with her. I had been carrying around some unfinished inner conversations that I wanted to resolve. In the interim, I always wished her well and knew that when the time was right, she would contact me.

     Yesterday when it arrived it was pure magic to me and it moved me in a very profound way. The email was entitled, "You are appreciated." These three words were just incredible before I even read one word of it. I had put energy into hearing those words from her because in some way I felt as though she may have not known that I was always out to show her my good nature and good spirit. Little did I know, she felt it and she had reached out to me to let me know. She wrote, "I hope all is still well with you and your family.I wanted to take this time and let you know that although we do not speak as much and are not as close, I appreciate all of your efforts. However there are certain special things/efforts that you have done that really stand out in my life. Those very same special moments/connections and efforts are still playing a major role in the evolving of my life to this very day."The email was very long and she mapped out all that I had said or done to help her and it stunned me!

     In closing, you can never be too sure how what you say, do, or project will land on another human being. I had a completely different view of how this person saw me even though I always wished her well.  I was wrong in my assumption and I had no idea how I had affected her. When we open our mouths we also open our hearts in one way or another. I am humbled by this email filled with emotion, humiliation, and truth. Words are so magical and so powerful, which is why I am here sharing this with you. Somewhere, someone, right now is thinking of you or rejoicing in the glory of your presence in their life. Thank you for reminding me of this my good friend. Even if you do not read this posting, know that I have now transferred this energy and this emotion to the masses.

    The photo above symbolizes appreciation for a beautiful day and being drenched by the summertime sun. The person in the picture is not the subject of this email. She is one of my good friends who I am also greatly appreciative of as well....

  Create a magical day...               




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