How Old Do I Look To You?


     This is a question that I hear people asking all of the time. I decided to give it some more thought and put it out there to all of you. When we ask this question, what are we actually hoping to hear? Furthermore, does the answer that we receive help us going forward? When a woman asks a man, he is definitely put on the spot in an instant. His answer could even create a make or break vibe within that relationship. However, on the other hand, when a man asks a woman, she can most times under cut it or be off by a few years and he will for the most part brush it off or just make a joke out of it.

      I caught myself asking this question yesterday and I immediately asked myself why I posed the question to this twenty something year young woman in a retail store? I was purchasing some juice from my favorite organic company here in NYC. We were talking about staying young and healthy and I just shot out that question almost unconsciously. Her answer was 12 years off from my real age, 12 years younger!! Well, I felt great, but truth be told, I felt great before she said that.

      So I ask you, is it really important how others see us or are we just torturing ourselves into thinking that it does? If you love who you are and you own it each and every day, I think that it actually helps others to feel good about themselves in the end. You welcome them mind, body, and soul and it just flows. You can only be you no matter what you do. When you try to act, dress, or speak differently, the outside world can detect it after a while. The media does not help us with this, however, when you get up in the morning and look into the mirror, there you are. Plastic surgery and age defying products are at an all time high. So what does that say about us?

      How you eat, drink, think, and treat others has an immense influence on how young or old you look. So the next time that you feel yourself about to ask that question, instead, ask yourself, "How old do I feel and am I offering my true self daily?" I posted this picture of Sting, because in my mind, he is a great example of embodying youth. I believe that he is about 55 or so now. Does 55 look like this to you? That question will fall differently on different people obviously. Just being the best "you" right now exactly where you are is truly where the magic is.

     Let me hear from you. I am so curious what your feelings are on this topic.



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