This word is one that I hear thrown around all of the time. It is said that those who are genuinely happy from the inside out tend to live longer, smile more, and have more possibilities open to them at any given time. However, there are others who say that being happy is way too overrated and overdone. To really take down to the bare bones of the matter, what is being happy to you? Is it more material things, more kisses, enough leisure time, a nice partnet to share your life with, or maybe it's just to be alive?

     The word "happy" is actually derived from the Icelandic word "happ" and it actually means luck or chance. So of course this throws another wrench into the toolbox. Could it be that we are lucky to be happy from time to time or that we should not expect to be happy too much? Sometimes I ask my friends if they are happy and I get random answers that are in no way connected. That is to be expected though, because although we all have a very similar deck of cards, they are certainly not in the same order.

      Interestingly, when you are speaking with people in the mental therapy field, rarely is the word happy ever used. They seem to have others words to describe a calm or content state of mind. In my experience, you are either happy most times or you are not. There seems to be a consistency to hover to one side or the other. In all of my reading on this small but mighty word, those who embrace it can really reap colossal rewards. Can you plan to be happy each and every day? I believe that you can, however, you will be met with opposition and then the real test begins. The point of the matter is, meeting with opposition and succumbing to it are two different things.

       Maybe we should have a few days when the system is allowed to feel a counter emotion that veers from the happiness world. In this way, we can all truly welcome happiness and cultivate it so that the off days are just a passing bump in the road. Actually they won't even be off days, they will just be off moments. By the way, I posted the picture above because it makes me happy!!!!!!!!



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