Prince. Art. Music. Life. Staying True to the Vision.

Goodness gracious! How have you been? What's new? What's new?! I have been working diligently on these music and art events in San Diego and it has been a very interesting experience. It has been almost one year since I took this leap of faith and struck out on this wild adventure in music, art and entertainment -- all of the things that I truly love. I can say that it has been been worth every minute of it. I has been difficult; it has been challenging; it has been risky; it has been golden; it has been radiant; it has been chaotic; it has been brilliant; it has been fun; it has been my life and my decision.

I give thanks for the wonderful system of support that has been in place - even when I felt like it was disappearing. This is absolutely a faith walk.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Prince concert at the Forum in Los Angeles. It felt like a celebration and a confirmation on many levels. Actually, every time I attend a Prince concert, it feels like a testimony and a verification of how important it is to live true to one's self, find and live one's purpose and to embrace that vision wholeheartedly. Without fail, Prince demonstrated the truth of his existence and his powerful spiritual presence to over 17,000 people at a sold out show last night. I am thankful to say that I was one of those 17,000 who was able to be there and be part of a four-hour show that was dedicated to the Forum, the people, the music and love.

This memory that I have of the show and the power of a man with a vision and purpose is a driving force in my life. Prince has always had that impact on me. He represents, to me, the power that we all possess to be excellent, to be vibrant, to be magnificent creators and bring our beautiful gifts in whatever form they take to share with the universe. Thank you Prince and all of those wonderful people who resonate with this vibration; those who have been influenced by and who have contributed to the success of Prince's magical journey. We confirm to each other the power that is available to all of us to continue to use the POWER and be the magnificent and gifted CREATORS that we are born to be. What a tremendous blessing for this Memorial Day Weekend!


Welcome back Brigitte!!! Thank you so much for your words and insights. I look forward to more news of your success and I support you fully!!!

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