Giving Away What Was Never Yours


This may seem like a strange title for some people. The fact of the matter is, we are merely exchanging everything that is around us. The money in your bank will always move on, the clothes on your back won't always fit, and most importantly, the people around you will one day in fact move on as well. We arrived here alone with only the body that we were given and the unlimited capacity in our hearts to give love and to be loved in return.

    It is a fascination of mine to study those few and far between human beings that live with less. I notice that they are almost always just as happy or even tons more content than the average Jimmy or Jenna. I have been involved in a cleansing of "stuff" over the past few months that is truly life changing for me. I am realizing more and more that there are things around us that block the fluidity of newness and adventure and they must be allowed to flow.

    I have mentioned before that I live in a neighborhood that is full of "things" that are left out in front of people's home just for the taking. This system of giving is very healthy in my opinion because it allows those who desire anything that they see to take it and put it to good use. It can be a book, some clothing, furniture, tools, and the list goes on. I had another experience yesterday that really moved me..

    I found a game that was full of pictures from the New York architecture and it was amazing!! I was on my way to eat lunch with my best friend and I picked it up along the way. When we arrived at the restaurant, I looked at it a little more and then put it beside me. Little did I know that the table next to me had noticed it as well and they commented on how cool it looked as I was on my way out. So, I decided to speak with these 3 ladies and they were so genuinely interested and sweet. I felt some sort of warm aura from one of the ladies who was the first to comment on the game. She was an authentic and friendly energy, so I felt it was more than appropriate to give her this amazing find. As I gifted her with it, I cannot tell you how her appreciation from within blossomed like a spring flower. It was truly worth every second. We all exchanged information and a new connection was formed.

     I never made it back to my home with that game. However, the opportunity to give to another and to put my own wants or needs aside so that she was the recipient was just priceless. We all have the opportunity to have this experience almost every day, if we look for it. I feel that I was merely a bridge from that game to this sweet woman. Maybe she was going through something and need to feel a little bit of love or was just plain not in good spirits and I was sent to show her that she is loved, who knows. This whole thing was magic to me and I am so happy to have been in that space.

     In the end, I gave away something that was never mine in the beginning. Think about how many things that are around you right now that you "own". You acquired them by using currency, which was never yours and is now no longer in your possession right? Never forget that we all arrive with nothing and when we leave we cannot take anything with us either. Take some time today to release some things that either aren't serving you or that could be of use to others and understand that we never truly owned any of it at all. It was only with us temporarily and once it serves its purpose, it will move on in its own way.



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