Amazing Love

   When you are feeling love, all other things are pushed to the side. The love itself becomes the captain of the ship. All things that were once uncertain become very clear. What was seemingly impossible becomes possible. What was once of no importance becomes urgent.

   A few days ago I watched a young couple kissing in a cafe like life was ending in the next few minutes. After catching myself staring, I was compelled to ask them how long they had been together. I never did, because they just would not come up for air! I thought to myself, what was not possible with that kind of connection? They kissed and touched each other like they were both fine china in a museum. The sensation even as an onlooker was divine.

   Love breathes life into all that was dormant and makes it alive and vibrant. Love is all around us yet it cannot be seen or felt without an open mind and an open heart. Love is truly all you need...



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