The 2 Second Rule (Tempo)

                   Some book love.

     In 2 seconds many things can happen. These come to mind:

  • You can say hello
  • A happy feeling can enter your body
  • A gift can be given
  • A thank you can be rendered
  • A hug can be given
  • You can taste some good food
  • You can hear the intro to your favorite song
  • You can pick up a child
    The point of this posting is to be aware that when we choose not to take the 2 seconds to create positive energy, that same 2 seconds can and probably will pummel us. It takes just as long to be fully engaged in great energy for 2 seconds as it does to let it take us to that toxic place.

     Last evening I was able to witness 2 seconds from another perspective that changed the entire atmosphere instantly. An incredible musician that I am extremely humbled to perform next to each and every time became unrecognizable in a heartbeat. He was upset because another gentleman was not playing the songs at the correct tempo and he allowed it to completely dictate his behavior within seconds, 2 seconds to be exact. He literally screamed at the top of his lunges over the music to scream at the other guy and it solved nothing.

     I was in the eye of the storm as I stood right next to him. Fire shot from his head in the middle of this joyous event that we were providing the music for at a very high level, I might add. The quality of the musicians is always stellar and last night was no different. Yes, you heard it right, my good friend was disturbed by the tempo that was being played by the drummer and it sent him through the roof!!! You may say, well that is just crazy!! The point of the matter though, is that we are all dealing with different things and they rear their heads at different times. Unfortunately, we do not not know what these issues are, or who has them, or when they will appear. Enter the 2 second rule.

     I am close with this amazing human being and musician and I respect and appreciate him immensely. The fact of the matter is, he lost control and that is human. As we rode home from this incredible evening, he explained to me that he had just made a fool of himself and that what had just happened was not him. He explained that he was better than that, even if the guy was playing the tempos wrong during quite a few songs throughout the evening. I offered my perspective and I told him that just 2 seconds would have saved him and he would have never seen that train wreck. He could have had the same smile on that he had prior to that moment, if he had just taken a breath for 2 seconds.

      I did not make a list of what could go wrong in 2 seconds because I could create a list that would stretch for paragraphs and pages and that would be pointless. I even kept the good list short, just to wet your palette.
The 2 second rule has changed my viewpoint and the possibility of a less than favorable reaction in many situations. I have lost count to date how many times it truly has saved me. Your situation could be a 10 second rule or even a 1 minute rule. Either way you look at it, allow yourself the mental pause before moving forward with anything that could alter your immediate sanity.

     Create a day of great energy and bliss and appreciation and never forget that you are always a step away from that person that may snap or shoot bullets at you. We do not get to choose when the energy that makes its way in front of us arrives, well not entirely. However, once it arrives, we do have ultimate power over how we respond. 2 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 minute, 1 hour? How much time do you need to be clear that nothing external has the power to dictate your actions?
The book to the left has some interesting parallels as well....Enjoy

                                                                                        Be well,



Dee said…
What you wrote is so true. People don't realize that it takes just two seconds to change someone's life forever.

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