One Candle Can Light A Thousand More/ Let Me Help You

   Have you ever noticed that when you are in a good mood or in a state of euphoria based on a specific event or a current situation or relationship or what have you that others tend to follow suit? If someone is rich, generally they tend to become even richer. If someone has always been poor, chances are that they will continue on that same path. If you like a specific car and you own a different kind of car, as soon as you get the car that you really want, you start to see it everywhere! I think you get the point of this posting.

   When we partake in the buffet of choice or choose to relax in the spa of decision, we really attract beautiful things in many ways. When someone tells you that you are gorgeous over and over and over again, you could start to believe it even if you did not prior to them saying so. The consistency of the spoken word and/or consistent actions can truly navigate our lives.

   So how much power over our energetic or spiritual output do we actually have? Well think of it this way, if one candle can light a thousand more, what can you do to ignite anyone that comes into contact with you? Are you even responsible for the well being or attitudes of others? The answer is up to you. However, I will say that if you believed that our actions could truly make an invisible impact on others whether good or bad, it would change everything for you in an instant.

    Last night as I was exiting a convenient store, there was a woman holding on to the door as if she had just had stroke or something. She did not look stable and people were just staring at her and not really helping her. I had no idea what was wrong with her, so I stopped and asked her if she was ok? She said that she was fine and that she just needs to stay there for a moment. I was having a strange gut reaction to stay with her, so I did. Then as I moved towards her to help more, she fell back and almost hit her head on the concrete. I caught her and asked her what she was feeling in her body and if she needed an ambulance? She said that she did not and that she had a bit too much alcohol. In the end, I called a number on her cell phone and a car service came to get her, but not before the ambulance came. The store owner got a little impatient and called them ahead of time.

     I walked away just early enough to look back and see the ambulance and the car service arrive at the same time.There was very little sympathy for her from the store owner because she was blocking the entry way. I had no idea how she got that way, so I did not judge her. The question is, did I stop to help her because of my gut or because she reflected something in me that needed help? Was I coming up against an energy that I had attracted to me? Either way, I was there and fully engaged in making sure that she was safe. I wonder if she made it home safe? I wonder if she wondered who I was and why I cared at all? Just putting it out there.


Nina said…
Sending light through this website is helpful and comforting and an action tool for ourselves and others:
Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate you so much!!! Chase

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