Delicious Details

As I walked to the train today, I was stopped by this scene. Now we all have had some wire hangers that we want to get rid of right? But how many of us actually thought of bringing them back to the cleaners and allowing them to be used again? What if 40% more people did that? Then they would use less hangers and their costs would go down. I found this little snapshot of life to be so very moving and full of promise in other areas of our lives.

  There are so many things that can apply to this little example. What if we all brought our rental cars back cleaned and gassed up? What if we all cleaned up after ourselves at concerts, movie theaters, and public bathrooms? What if each time someone did something nice for us we were required to return the favor to a completely new person? I could list several more examples of this that could move us from average to exceptional as a nation.

   The color and bliss in our lives truly comes from the magic and the delicious details....



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