Being Responsible For Your Soul's Health

     When you go out to a restaurant and have a terrible time, do you return? When you are in a shoe store and the shoe does not fit, do you return to try it on another day? Lastly, if you were given the task of hiring a new person in to your company, would you hire the person who obviously had a terrible attitude and reeked of body odor?The answers to these questions seem very obvious and clear wouldn't you say? This is not the case with our souls though, why is that?

      It is said that what frustrates us most about others is what we need to work on in ourselves. This statement has made many a person angry just from reading it, however, there is a ton of truth in it. Lead the everyday person to the place where their weaknesses are and I will guarantee you that they will not follow you willingly. The clues that will set us free are always staring us in the face whether we accept it or not. In the end, the deeper we dig within, the deeper we understand what makes us tick.

      I am sending out this entry to ask you to list all of the things about the people who you love and hold closest to your heart that really create the most stress for you. Also, don't forget that "stress" is a word that actually has no meaning. You cannot see it or touch it or use it to your advantage in any way. Actually, that is not entirely true. You can use it to your advantage by shutting it down and choosing to allow other thoughts and actions in when it arrives. It is also self induced. I once heard it said that nothing is personal until you decide that it is. As I write this, many things are coming up for me. If you are upset or angry or defensive in your heart right now by reading this, you are on your way!!!

      Be responsible for your soul's health. It will go where you tell it to, be what you allow it to be, and repeat the feelings from the its most prominent actions. What will you choose today? Instead of being angry with someone, be more compassionate with yourself as you feel trapped or lost or unable to figure it all out. Feed a cold, but starve all of your low vibrational, blame ready thoughts. They need you to stay alive, but you surely do not need them.This is magic for sure. The mirror awaits your arrival.....



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