10 Ways To Reboot The Brain

     These can truly create some truly incredible days ahead!!!!!! Be very careful!!!!

  1.    Affirm your unlimited power daily.
  2.    Practice more compassion and less criticism.
  3.    Listen more than you talk.
  4.    Help more people to get what they want.
  5.    Write a letter by hand and send it to someone that you really care about and tell them why.
  6.    Read this book>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment 
  7.    Take a one day break from all cell phone calls and email.
  8.    Create a vision board and put it on the back of the front door to your home.
  9.    Call  SARK'S INSPIRATION LINE @ 415 546 3742 (listen, and then save it in your phone)
  10.    Do one thing tomorrow that you have been afraid to do and then ask yourself was it really as hard as you made it out to be?

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