Swinging For The Fences With Half A Bat

     I am always in awe and appreciation for what you might call the underdog or the person who is least likely to succeed by every day standards (whatever that means). Those who have less artillery yet shoot stronger bullets are truly remarkable to me. I glean so much from these individuals and it makes me proud.

     Yesterday, I attended an amazing business briefing that was truly inspirational and moving. The speaker seemed like he was about 25 years young in my opinion, he was a ball of untamed and authentic energy. He really delivered the information about a phenomenal company as if he was the CEO and owner. The funny thing is that he is in a sense his own boss because that is how this company is structured. I hung on his every word for many reasons, but mostly because he had a speech impediment which caused him to stutter. It was obvious that he got stuck every few sentences and that there was something going on that was out of his control, yet he controlled it in his own way
and he was brilliant at it. This young man brought humor and smiles unlimited and you could feel his bliss laced in
between every word that he spoke. I shook his hand afterward and exchanged numbers with him. I love connecting with people that can discover the light bulb in a dark cave.

      If your leg were cut off, would you still commit to mobility? If you could not see anymore, would you listen even more carefully and make your life work? I believe that is so very true that sometimes with less we can actually do more. Swing for the fences today and remember, it's not how big or small your bat is, it's how many times you continue to swing it before you make contact...



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