As we all experience so many things in our diverse lives, this word is thrown around like dough in a pizzeria. We all come from different backgrounds, with different circumstances, from different parents, and different geographical areas. Yet, somehow most people seem to be adament about what is normal?

     Let's take a little stab at this concept in action. There is a young man who comes from a well to do family and he is now in High School. His grades are well above average and his circle of friends is very strong and laced with positive influences. He graduates from High School and gets accepted to a top Ivy League school in the north east part of the country and begins to study law. After his studies are done, he is hired by a top law firm in the Los Angeles area. Almost simultaneously, he meets the woman of his dreams and is now living in a million dollar home with her that is located a mile from his firm. They marry and they have a life that is most commonly seen in the movies.

    Here is a slightly different scenario. A young woman who is in her twenties has just received her G.E.D. from a nearby school. She was unable to complete this for several years due to many complications that ranged from two babies that were born out of wedlock as well as mounting health problems and being shunned from her family. She pressed on and felt that with her new G.E.D. she could now possibly get a job that could support her and her children in a more comfortable fashion. She secures a job at an educational institution where she is working with young mentally challenged children. She can now afford child care during the day which allows her to work 7 to 4 for 5 days a week with weekends off. Her children become more engaged and actually quite happier than before. After a few years, her confidence and perspective on life changes exponentially and she decides to take the money that she has saved over the years to buy a home. Life is unrecognizable to her in comparison to where she came from and she is proud and smiling widely daily.

     Lastly, there was a young man who was married and working in a corporate environment. He had a family of three and his wife did not have to work. His job was secure and it provided a very nice life for his family. He was very close with his boss and one day was brought into his office for a private conversation. The boss explained to him that he had a special project that was about to begin and that he would like this sharp man to lead it along. He was informed that the project had the ability to make thousands of dollars weekly just by him overseeing the entire operation. He agreed and the new project got under way. Unfortunately, he was not told that this was a project that was illegally siphoning money from this company through a secretive funnel. The company was investigated after a year and this man was sentenced to prison for 10 years. His family was devastated and his wife had to take over the family and learn how to work and take care of everything.

    What was normal about these three situations? They all had a commonality of being slices of real life, however, none of them could be described as normal. The components were too diverse and the outcomes were completely situational and personal. So I ask again, what is normal? Is falling in love at first sight normal? What about becoming a millionaire at 40? Maybe even falling in love with another person after 12 years of not seeing them? As I mature, I realize that nothing is normal. I seek balance daily through many different channels that all lead back to me, yet I know for certain that life continues to curve, dip, and dive at a moments notice. In my opinion, the only thing that "is" normal and consistent in life is change. At times things drop into our life and they seem unbelievable, so we disregard them and move on. Our behaviors are not "normal" for the most part, they are situational. In the heat of any given moment, we can all be surprised by our actions. Seize the day.



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