The News

    At least once a day I hear people talk about the news. What is going on around us can have a profound affect on how we move through this game of life. The other side of the coin is, if we do not watch the news are we better off sometimes?
    I watched it yesterday and I found out these pieces of information in about 3 minutes they were as follows:

  • Laurence Taylor will probably go to jail for being with an under aged minor.
  • Elizabeth Taylor died.
  • A man in Long Island killed his wife and put her in a plastic bag.
  • Two young men on tape were caught staging an accident to get insurance money.
  • The city of NY wants to change the name of one of its bridges to the name of a previous Mayor.
     To put it mildly, I did not resonate with these stories enough to keep my attention and stay engaged. I was informed on these stories and then I turned it off. The fact of the matter is that this particular channel would
have repeated those stories within the next half hour had I stayed tuned in.

     I do love information. The problem is that watching the local news on a daily basis can be draining and can paint a dismal picture of the world around us. That of course is my viewpoint and not the gospel in any way. What gets under my skin is the ratio of good news to bad news, again my opinion. The last story in this 4 minutes was about a family who makes candles out of their home that they sell online. The profits went to some very good causes and it all started with an idea that a young boy dreamed up on his own. A great story!!! That was the last piece of information though. So why was it in the back and not the front? Just let that roll around in the chamber for a moment.

     It's just like shopping in a major department store. They put the things they want you to see first up front because it will offer them more profit in a quicker fashion. If you should make it to the back of the store then you will find the sales which will make the common person extremely elated. It has to also be said that the items in the front are in fact what many common people want to buy because of the price and the identity that it provides them with when they wear it.This has been proven in the retail world.

     The similarities in these two areas are truly fascinating to me. There are many things to learn from them. In closing, staying abreast of the world's events is necessary, yet taxing on the brain at times. It can twist and possible even destroy the possibility of the upside of life for some people. If the gloom gets all the ink how can a person be expected to have anything left to write their own story?



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