The Inconvenience Of Convenience

    From the time that I was a young boy until now, I have always been told that the shortcut to doing things will get you into more trouble or work than it is worth. I took this advice as much as possible and made a life for myself that is as shortcut free as possible. The dilemma is that when I look around me, that is all that I see.

    We seem to be a nation of short cut takers. To put it bluntly, we are a shortcut factory! No matter where you go we have countless options that will allow us to get ahead quicker by doing or paying something more. The question is do we really find ourselves ahead afterward, or do we wind up doing more work than we would have done in the beginning? I bring this up for a very good reason and I will share this with you right now.

    Is it just me or do you almost always get stuck at the self checkout line in your neighborhood "Home Depot", "Duane Reade", or other chain store? You don't want to wait in the line that has 20 people who each have 6 things or more, so you choose to check your 3 things out by yourself. This all sounds great so far, except for the fact that those machines are broken many more time than they are working. I was at a local "convenient" store recently and I paid very close attention to the flow of traffic on both sides of the field.

    I had a bag of mixed nuts and some water and there were 4 people ahead of me. I was in line for about 15 minutes, due to a register problem and two separate price checks. The people to the right of me in the self checkout area were getting very impatient because all of the machines were offline with a glitch. So what could any of us do but be patient. However, the tension of this moment could be cut with a knife twice!!!!!One woman even cut back into the regular line and demanded to pay for her 4 items which caused another minor fight.

    So it took me about 18 minutes to get to the front of the line and when I was finished, 3 of the original people that moved over to the self checkout were still waiting. I have observed this more than a few times in the past, however, this time pushed it to the limit. It was as if everyone in the line was on their way to perform open heart
surgery or something! They all had chips on their shoulders and demanded speed! Little did they know, they all had the lead roles in my posting for today.

     In closing, I just want to add that I find these moments so incredible for training the mind. We all have important things to do and places to go each and every day. I also want to add that I have caught myself just about to have an ego explosion in these moments right before realizing.....that the moment will pass and I will be faced with something else almost immediately. My choices are to let it go and observe or highlight it and let the ego fly. I think you know which one I choose more than ever these days.

    Convenience always comes with a price. You will pay upfront or on the back end. The question is how much is it worth to you?  



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