40 Years Young

      There are so many assumptions that people make when it comes to age. We think that certain things will be in place and that specific things will happen. The voices all around us speak of family and homes and professions and so many other life decisions. In truth, how can we speak of what we have not experienced until it actually happens. If I told you what a particular fruit tastes like and did it with sharp detail and carefully selected words, could you feel the texture and the juices of that fruit running down your throat? The answer is no, you could not because you have never tried it before.

       Today I turned 40 and I can honestly say that I had no expectations for this day. It is just another day, however, I have 40 years of prior knowledge under my belt and I intend to use it very tactfully. So one might ask, what was my perspective at 30 or at 20? I cannot say for sure, but I can say that it has brought me to where I am today. I feel young and vibrant and free in many ways. I have been hurt and been let down. I have been happy and extremely ecstatic. I have cried and I have even failed many times. So what will the future hold? In my opinion, it will hold more of the same things. The difference now is that I will have more tools to deal with these things and to just live in the now.

        Here are some of my life lessons that are being highlighted today from deep in my soul:
  • Yesterday is gone, calling it back will take you with it.
  • If someone chooses not to love you the way you love them, accept it and move forward.
  • When you want to do something that seems impossible, challenge that thought.
  • Give more than you receive.
  • Ask more people how you can be of service to them without reciprocation.
  • Spend more time in the library.
  • Meditation can really change the mind
  • You don't always have to say yes when a friend asks for a favor.
  • The things that you are putting off because of fear are not as powerful as you make them.
  • Call your parents more.
  • Expanding your self-worth doesn't have to cost you a dime.
  • Words have ten times the power that you think they do, so choose yours carefully everyday.
  • Energy can make or break any situation.
  • Read every day and take your mind out of its comfort zone.
  • Love should never hurt.
      I probably could go on for an hour! That was actually very revealing for me to write because it all came from the heart. As I look over this list, it lets me know what is important to me. Try to write a list of the things that you have learned since you have been on this earth no matter what age you are and send it to my personal email address which is afiresign@mac.com. I will post the best ones into a later entry. 

      In closing, I would just love to say that 40 feels great!!! 40 is not the new 20 because 20 was 20. 40 is here and now and that is all that it needs to be for me.   Life is MAGICAL!!!!!!




Unknown said…
Absolutely brilliant Chase. Im going to write my list, what a wonderful motivation and ide. I learned from yours special soul. Thank you for you and wishing you the best re-birth day. Those of us that know you are blessed because of it. Holly M
I appreciate your comments in a big way. I learned from you as well. Never ever forget that. Chase

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