The True Meaning of Valentine's Day

   As I write this posting, The big day has come and gone. I woke up today asking myself what is the true meaning of this day and where did it start? I honestly did not know the answer to this question, so I went online and gathered all that I could. I of course found different information and different perspectives on this special day. It definitely makes the city move differently than normal to say the least.

   I really pay close attention to what makes people tick on February 14th and it all comes down to that magic four letter word that drives us to do some of our most unimaginable things, love. Now I am not saying that love is the fulcrum or motivation inside all men. In all honesty, some men are driven by the hard cold fear of their wife feeling as though they do not care. I mean at 8pm this evening, I saw at least 15 people waiting on a line outside of a well known florist and they did not look happy. It seemed as if they would rather have been any where but there. By the way, they were all men.

   It is such an amazing feeling to be loved, genuinely loved. I only have an issue with it when obligation takes the place of true love. Can you really measure how much love someone has for you by their actions on Valentine's Day?
There are so many flowers bought on this day that it makes a botanical gardens look like a single flower pot. The truth of the matter is that it really brightens up a woman's day when she is recognized as such and I saw this face of satisfaction many times today.

   This is one take on where Valentine's Day comes from:

     Valentines is not a holiday that was
invented by florists to sell roses or by greeting companies to sell
greeting cards or by candy companies to sell more candy .Valentine
day is there for more than 1500 years.
In history,Valentine is a priest who defied the orders of the
Roman emperor Claudius and continued to perform marriages .He was
sentenced to death. Valentine allegedly cured the jailer’s daughter
of blindness, and on the night before his execution, sent a note to
her signed “from your Valentine.” He reportedly died on Feb. 14,
269 A.D.This is why the "V" day is celebrated on Feb 14th every
year .

   All major holidays seem to be centered around love, family, and giving no matter how you look at it. It's the stories of why they came to be that really are compelling.
   Don't eat all of your chocolates at once!!!!!! You are loved for sure......   Chase



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