So Will You Be There?

    This is a question that I have been asked many times in my life. If there is an event or party or anything of that nature, people want to know if you will be there. I like this question because it forces you to make a decision right away. In these moments we learn tons about our character and our commitment. 

     I met a very interesting young man a couple of weeks ago and I gave him my card because I could tell that he was up to some interesting things. It turns out that he was and he called me this week. Long story short, he asked to meet with me on a certain day, which is today. Yesterday he called me to move the time up a little today and also to ask me if I would be there. So I asked him why he asked me that question. His answer was, well I thought maybe with the snow and all that you may cancel. My reply was that I had committed to being there, so I would be. 

     I had to write this post because I am constantly hearing people invent reasons not to do things. We give away our power before we can have an opportunity to use it. I believe that we can actually do the most when others are committed to doing the least. Did you know that more entrepreneurs thrive during so called recessions than not? This has to say something about our choices. 
      Here are some statements that I have heard lately:
  • I would but no one has any money now
  • It might work if it wasn't for this recession
  • People just don't want quality anymore
  • The rich are getting richer and the........(you can finish that one)
  • I am done with trying to beat the system, I'll just get a job
  • Yes, but you are different, I could never do that!!! (my favorite)
  • Good luck with all that 
  • There aren't enough jobs for everyone 
  • No one will ever be able to afford that 
    Whew!!!!! I am so sorry for that rant..Anyhow, my point is, just recognize your power each day and just go out there and make your mark. I think that if anything, the majority of people probably expect mediocrity. So if that is the case, you have a huge advantage by just showing up to that appointment or that audition or that interview!!

    So, will you be there? Will you be there? Will you be there?


Anonymous said…
you cant build a reputation with on what you are going to do.....
That is so true. Thank you for that comment!!!!!!

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