Sending Out More Ships

     About 3 days ago I read an explanation about the statement, "When my ship comes in."It said that back in the day when shop owners would get their goods for that week or that day of business, there would be a man that would scream out that the ships had arrived. That would make them all happy and they could carry on making a living by providing their wares to the town. The message in this little story for me was simple and very powerful. If you only send one ship out, then only one at best can return. 

    I took this and processed it for at least 30 minutes. I looked at my current lifestyle as well as my current database of contacts and prospects and I wondered, "Am I sending out enough ships?" Think of it this way, if you were a car detailing specialist and you were based in NYC, how many cars could you detail in a week? The answer is, as many as you could possibly introduce your services to and wow them!! However, if you only had two clients, your income would reflect it and that would be the end of that story. 

    Just by reading that little story in a book that I really love called Zero to Zillionaire, I was stimulated to realign my current state of mind. I am passionate about my direction in this life as it relates to what really drives me. The real question though is, "Am I sending out enough ships?" The other is, "What is the quality of the ships that I am sending out?" There is one thing that I know for sure, I am the ship and I am the man that screams out when the ship comes in. I am just still setting my sail...


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