It Almost Got Me

        By "it" I mean negativity and that ever present invitation to become a victim. I have had a very challenging week and I just armed myself with books that kept me up and thinking high level thoughts that feed instead of starve me. You might be saying to yourself, but wait, it's only Tuesday? I was saying that exact thing too. I have been focusing on some other people's problems instead of my own as I glide through the day and it worked wonders. 
       I gave up my seat to a woman with a huge Crate and Barrel box on the train. I complimented a woman who was next to me in line at Whole Foods and she smiled from ear to ear. Lastly, I helped a woman carry her stroller up a flight of stairs as I was walking out of the train station. These moments freed me from focusing on myself and gave me so much peace. This is truly a tool worth practicing and mastering. The opportunities to practice it are everywhere each and every day.

       I also had a moment today as I was talking to the tow truck driver that was transporting my car to the shop. I was frustrated at him because he seemed to be very casual in his preparation of lifting my car up. I felt myself being a little snippy with him. He then told me to let him do his job and things would move a little faster. I then felt my ego start to rise up and then I retreated. It almost got me again. After a few minutes he told me that maybe he should call a flatbed because my car was a four wheel drive. I told him that he could do it with his vehicle because it was less than a half mile away. He agreed.

       This man was not trying to give me problems, I was trying to give me problems. I sat in the front seat of the truck with him in the way to the garage. The ride was short and the conversation was long. I apologized to him and he told me not to worry. Actually, his exact words were, "Don't stress, it's all going to be ok". I gave him my card and he was impressed that I was a singer. He also told me some of the singers that he liked. I pulled out my pen because his ran out. He really loved my pen, which is called a Sherpa Back In Black Marker Cover. I will be sending him one, he just doesn't know it yet. 

       Today I was almost overtaken by my own devices. I was almost dragged down to the bottom level. That area where everything that is wrong is highlighted and spoken of way too frequently. It almost got me.



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