Today I had the pleasure of checking out a few highly inspired people in various parts of San Diego. It was like a total "research" night. I met with these people to discuss ideas; to connect and plan for the future. It turns out that we love art, we love music and we love talking and sharing. I short meeting turned into a massive brainstorming session that felt like it could go on for the rest of the night.

After the various talks, I decided to stop by Basic (a local bar and pizza joint) which is definitely one of my favorites. Every Tuesday, they have an art show that is produced by various folks in San Diego. Tonight's show was lovely; I made a quick stop and found the work of Jen Fong immediately. Not only did I spot her work, but, as I was busy taking pictures of it, I noticed that she was standing right there. What a wonderfully inspired person. She was really humble and has a very welcoming presence. She asked me if I was an artist and I told her that I paint but that I have not been painting. Instead, I have been doing events that present painters and musicians.

The funny thing is: I thought about not-painting today. I love art yet I do not create art on a canvas. However, I feel that I create art through all the other things that I do ~ my canvas is the event itself. Jen definitely made me think more about this because I do love to paint. I predict that one day in the very near future, I will get out my paint and my brushes and spend a little time doing another activity that I love very much.

Tonight's Basic Tuesday was definitely a lot more than "basic" in all ways. As usual, I am giving thanks for the souls who produce art as a way of life; those whose very life moves us into action in whatever form it may take.


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