In Real Time.

I am amazed by the things that have happened (and not) over the last few months. From the time that Chase and I started writing this blog to the time that we jointly created a book to the time that I sit here doing all of the things that I said I wanted to do ~ working with artists, musicians, highly creative people, humanitarians, visionaries, lovers ... it's all right here.

I am thinking about how I imagined myself to feel as I visualized and created the opportunities in life that I say that I desire. I am also thinking about the other things that come into play such as the rollercoaster of emotions that come with new situations; the unexpected so-called roadblocks that take the attention from the state of overjoy to chaos and then somehow and some way back to peace and tranquility.

In July, I ended my stint of working in a law firm setting after many years. It feels good; it feels different; I am different. I have a new life and outlook. I cannot always predict what the next moment will bring but I am certainly determined that the next moment holds the answers to the prayers of yesterday as well as today.

People ask how I am and how things are working out. It has taken some time to get to a place where I can just be there with whatever I am feeling without having to pretend that everything is exactly in its place (according to how I see it). Yet, everything is truly in its place. Sometimes I am not able to see the perfection of the moment and at others times, it is really clear. I am learning to see the relationships of my thoughts and expectations to the outcomes and how these outcomes relate to other occurrences in this ongoing cycle of life.

Making decisions and being able to stand by them and embracing the "opportunities" that arrive upon the making of a decision is important in life. It sounds simple sometimes but after all of these leaps and jumps in faith, I am learning the importance of moving from rock to rock with a determined effort and assurance that cannot be blocked.

I am thankful to say that I am allowing the chains of "shoulds" to be released and learning to be more gentle as the dreams unfold. Impatience has brought unnecessary hardship that may have actually been necessary. Maybe I would not have seen what needed to change within had I not been in a place where I needed to stop, be quiet and listen.

Outward achievements are beautiful. The inner work that comes from a dedicated effort to improve one's life, to live one's true purpose and to cultivate a sense of self-mastery on a regular basis is worth more to me than any tangible thing. I am grateful to the warriors who walk this path with certainty, trust and conviction. Thank you for holding the space for others who are on this journey with you. It makes a world of difference when we know that we are clearly supported and guided along the way.


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