"Important-Forever" or "Stuff-Temporary"

     These words rang through my brain today as I encountered another one of life's challenges. We are continually being blindsided by unexpected things at equally unexpected times right? Well today would be no different, not for me, not for anyone.
     I walked up to my car that I had not driven for at least one week and a half and one of the doors was ajar. Interestingly enough, the door that was open was stuck against at least two and a half feet of snow. So after rolling back the tape and asking myself if I had locked the doors, I in fact remember locking them. So how did they get into the car? There was no glass anywhere, however, one of the bags that was in my car was now on the snow. It was just a shopping mag mind you. I proceeded to get in the car from the street side and then crawled into the driver's seat. As I was sitting straight, I noticed that my entire radio plus a piece of my dashboard was gone! The car literally looked like a crime scene and it surely was. I then put the keys in the ignition and the car would not start. Patience and a deep breath was what I required in that moment and I granted it to myself. 
   So, my radio is gone and my car won't start, but in truth, it doesn't matter. In the moment that I saw the gaping hole in the dashboard, the title of this post came to mind. I read these words in an amazing book called, Cash in a Flash: Real Money in No Time .
It says in short that once you understand the difference between these two concepts, the world makes a lot more sense. Meaning, if you looked at everything around you right now and had the choice to put an imaginary post it note on it with one of the post titles, you would be amazed at how your perspective of life would change. This concept is very important to me and today was a perfect example of how it can be put into action right away. I was not happy that this had happened to my car, however, I felt that it happened for a reason and I excepted it immediately. This was the second time that my radio had been stolen in 5 years by the way. It fell into the "stuff-temporary" file and I was perfectly fine with that. I have had the same car since 2001 and it has given me all that it has every day. I will have this vehicle for only 2 more months. My birthday will be its passing on day. Thank you BLACK BETTY!!! That's the car's name....
  There is one thing that I know for certain. There are things that come into our lives and then they leave. There are people that come into our lives and then they leave. However, no matter where you go, there you are!!! Enjoy the evening....


Suite Brigitte said…
This sounds like a fine example of self-mastery in the making. While I am not happy that someone broke into your vehicle, I am inspired by your ability to shift your awareness in seconds. Recognizing what belongs in the "temporary stuff file" is a powerful position. What power!

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